Can I bring these items in my Checked Baggage?

Read this to know some of the common items you can or cannot bring in your checked baggage



Passengers may bring items to their destinations by putting them into their checked baggage or hand-carry bag. Guests who wish to check in any luggage must avail of CEB Prepaid Baggage to avoid any additional (and higher) charges at the airport.
For safety reasons, it is important to note what items can or cannot be packed in the checked baggage. Read the FAQs to know more. 
For other categories, open these: 
  1. Food and Drinks
  2. Electronics 
  3. Medicines and Medical Equipment
  4. Musical Instruments
  5. Sports Equipment
  6. Items for Children
  7. Items for Pets
  8. Toiletries
  9. Household Items
  10. Items for Camping
  11. Items for Engines
  12. Plants and Animals


General Guidelines

Hardware Tools


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