Guidelines for guests needing special assistance

Requirements and reminders for guests who require special assistance (i.e., wheelchair, PWD/PRM, unaccompanied minors, etc.)



CEB embraces inclusivity and diversity of guests, regardless of gender, age, race, or status. While CEB generally accepts everyone onboard, safety remains to be CEB’s top priority. Any guest who poses a risk to the safety of other guests or CEB crew members will be denied boarding.


Guests who have special needs or attention, including those with disabilities, will be given the level of respect, and care they require. Guests must inform CEB at least two (2) hours beforehand and prepare necessary documents and identification, so that we can make the necessary arrangements. CEB will endeavor to provide special lanes and priority to them, where applicable.


It is required for guests who have recovered from recent illnesses or who have undergone recent surgical operations to present a medical certificate that contains the signing physician’s Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) license number (or any valid medical license) and signature, written or typed on the signing physician’s prescription pad or official hospital or clinic document. The medical certificate should give clearance for the guest to travel by air. The same document is required for new mothers and expectant mothers with age of gestation at thirty-four (34) weeks and beyond. A medical certificate is only valid for ten (10) days.


General Guidelines

Minors, Seniors, and Pregnant Guests

PWDs/PRMs and Guests with Medical Concerns

Bereaved Guests


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